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Read here before you shop.


In homes

Hazardous flame retardants don't stay put. Find out what happens when they get into our homes.


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The #1 way people and pets are exposed to hazardous flame retardants is through ingestion. Find out how this happens and who is most vulnerable.


in fires

Flame retardants produce lethal chemicals when they burn and they don't prevent fires as used. This puts fire fighters in greater danger.


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Our federal chemicals law and a little known California state standard have failed the entire US population. Find out what went wrong and click

TAKE ACTION to make a difference.

The Alliance for Toxic-Free Fire Safety cares about making sure fighting fires is as safe as possible, and works to ensure that neither families, fire fighters, nor their communities are exposed to toxic chemical flame retardants.

ATFFS advocates for the non-hazardous means of preventing fires and reducing fire hazard. Other non- hazardous means of preventing fires have been proven to be effective in stopping the damage . . .such measures include hiring more fire fighters.

Chemical flame retardants as used in many consumer products such as furniture and baby products do not prevent fires, and instead make fire fighting more toxic for rescuers and building occupants.

We can stop this public health threat and unnecessary environmental pollution by supporting policies that will ensure fire safety without the use of hazardous flame retardants.

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